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KZM Enterprise LLC is a rapidly growing consulting agency that provides expertise in branding, marketing, and creative strategies for new small business startups. KZM's physical location is within Harrisburg, PA , but offers nationwide services to cater to other clientele across the U.S. Owner and Sole proprietor, Gillian Sumpter, has been developing KZM Enterprises since its inception in 2017. The mission of KZM Enterprise is to assist diverse businesses in creating a solid foundation when going into business. Sumpter's vision for KZM is to create a business profit while helping others confidently manage and implement the mechanics of business. Alongside of this mission, KZM Enterprise is a business where its leader understands the importance of building lasting relationships in order to strengthen client trust, increase service production, and maintains a strong referral system which drives the business forward.

Programming from KZM has been unique in its approach. Through partnerships and building strong relationships with clientele, Owner Gillian Sumpter has been able to secure clients through deepened examination of client purpose. Guiding consultations with life coaching strategies and inventory on competencies and skill set has helped her to develop a strong outline for business enthusiasts in developing business outlines, proposals, and eventually plans and portfolios which increase likelihood of business startup success. KZM not only focuses on business startup, but also in sustainability and most importantly, allowing those business entrepreneurs to understand the value in giving back selflessly to their communities.